Ink Roll Fingerprinting

Also known as “traditional fingerprinting” or “fingerprinting on a card” this service is our most frequent request. This type of fingerprinting is most often used for federal, international and interstate background check. It involves properly filling out a FD-258 card using a black pen, and having your fingerprints properly rolled on to the card.

Our policy is:

Our experienced technicians have been providing this service for over 10 years and offer the following benefits both at our office or if we travel to your location:

We always have the cards in stock

We assist in properly filling out the cards by providing applicants a template for personal characteristics and ORI Numbers

We provide pre print wipes which accentuate “fingerprint characteristics” and minimize rejection. We recognize the value of our client’s time and make every effort to perform “the rolled fingerprinting service” as quickly as possible.

New York Fingerprinting service eliminates waiting in long lines for service, inconsistent operating hours, and the uncomfortable and intimidating environment of a Police Department. Also, because our rejection rate is so low (less than 3%) you can be confident and have peace of mind knowing that your fingerprint cards will be processed and approved.

Our trained technicians roll applicant prints in a careful, gentle professional manner making sure the experience is pleasant and comfortable.

For applicants who have a history of rejections or orientations which make fingerprinting difficult such as perspiration, deformed fingers, arthritis etc., please notify our staff prior to printing. We have encountered these issues many times and have become proficient at handling these concerns with time tested procedures and techniques.

We provide “back up cards” for a minimal fee of $5 per card after our standard pricing for 2 cards. We provide “post printing” wipes and solvents to ensure applicant leave our facility with clean hands removing all ink residue.

We provide a specially designed fingerprint card envelope to mail cards to recipient agencies. Most importantly, we will assist you with any questions you may have regarding how, what and where to send the completed cards as well as how to minimize the time frame to receive the results. This includes all State and Federal Agencies, Consulate, Embassies, Licensing Divisions, Employers and Foreign Countries

Visit us at our location

We operate on our own floor at 22 Park Place 4th in the heart of downtown New York City nestled between City Hall and Tribeca. Our neighborhood is the most vibrant and dynamic in NYC. The 2,3,A and C Train stop on our corner and the 4 or 5 train are a short walk across the park.

Mobile Service

Our technicians can travel to your location setting up our equipment on your conference room or dining room table. We are available to come to your location at your convenience. We offer a quick, efficient and convenient service.