Pre-Fingerprint Conditioning

Whether an applicant is being fingerprinted using ink or electronically, proper pre conditioning of the fingers, allows the best possible fingerprint images. It can also improve image quality for hard to capture subjects. In order to maximize the fingerprint resolution and minimize the chance of rejection, we recommend the following:

Do not use any hand lotion the day of being fingerprinted.

Clean both hands thoroughly of all dirt, debris or any potential residue before capturing prints. This helps to ensure the best possible image quality.

For some applicants, cleaning with soap and water may dry the hands, which may cause them to need additional conditioning.

Our technician will take a sample print on matted paper to inspect the rolled impression for proper minutia and print quality. If they determine additional conditioning is needed they may recommend the following:

Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes

Wypall Waterless are a pre-saturated cleaner used for which do not contain alcohol. They contain natural solvents which clean, grease, and and oil from fingers and at the same time moisturizing the skin on fingertips for fingerprinting. The skin surface feels “tacky” creating the optimum conditions for fingerprinting.

Ridge Builder

Lansberry’s Ridge Builder is a unique solution that will bring excellent definition and clarity to fingerprint ridge structures. Lansberry’s Ridge Builder is applied to the finger bulbs before fingerprinting—making it possible to obtain legible fingerprints from brick masons, agricultural workers, the elderly, or anyone else who has poor fingerprint ridge structure. This product will help increase the number of successful latent print searches and subsequent comparisons by ensuring better initial fingerprint recordings. Available in two forms, the LRB20 is a 4 fluid ounce jar. Apply the liquid Lansberry's Ridge Builder with a cotton swab or wipe disposable pad on fingers before fingerprinting.

Ridge Enhancer

Due to the activities, vocation or age of some people, their damaged and worn fingerprint ridges or lack of hydration of the skin can make it difficult to obtain legible fingerprints. EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer was developed to enhance ridge detail in these instances using a new proprietary rehydration formula. Once applied to the fingers with the built-in foam applicator pad, EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer rehydrates the skin and expands the friction ridges—producing improved detail in subsequently recorded fingerprints. EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer works equally well with traditional fingerprint inking methods and live scan apparatus and won’t leave any residue on ink surfaces or a live scan platen glass.

EZ Scan may also be used to restore desiccated, mummified fingers on cadavers. In cases where finger tips are dehydrated, one or two applications of EZ Scan will restore the ridges enough to permit gaining legible prints. Mummified fingers can be soaked in EZ Scan solution to restore ridge detail. Once complete, fingers can be processed through casting or conventional cadaver fingerprint taking methods.

Corn Huskers

Since 1919, Corn Huskers® has been soothing discomfort of dry, rough skin. Developed for Iowa corn farmers whose hands were regularly exposed to harsh conditions, fast absorbing Corn Huskers will soothe and soften skin. Plus, it’s oil-free so it won’t leave a residue.

Distilled Water

2 spray only per hand

Rub hands and fingers together for 3 seconds. Be sure to moisturize all skin surfaces being captured. The surface should feel "sweaty" (not wet) however the surface should not drip. Roll or capture the prints.

The use of these solvents alone or in combination will create the perfect conditions for fingerprints which will come out perfectly.