We offer our clients the opportunity to digitally archive their fingerprints for future use. The archived fingerprints and demographic data are stored electronically in a protected, secure repository. Your fingerprints do not change, so why have your fingerprints rolled multiple times? We can archive your prints so they can be printed when you need them saving you time and hassle of having to have them rolled again Upon request, we can provide instant access to view and print this data on all types of fingerprint cards and deploy to applicants on a day’s notice. Our digital fingerprint archiving solution are guaranteed for authenticity and traceability for the short medium and long terms.

Archiving of fingerprints are advantageous for the following applicants:
  • Archiving of fingerprints are advantageous for the following applicants:
  • Applicants who need to be printed for multiple cards in one state.
  • Applicants who need to be printed for licenses in different states.
  • Executives whose time is extremely valuable and can get printed one time as opposed to multiple times.
  • Applicant who travel and are not at a given location for an extended period of time.
  • Companies who can create a digital library of employee fingerprints and a systematic program of fingerprint submissions.

Our Live Scan Fingerprint Systems collects applicant’s demographic data, captures fingerprint scans, and electronically stores this information for future reference. Features such as an audit trail, record locking, advanced data encryption, and encryption algorithms guarantee the protection of sensitive data. We have designed protocols and chain of custody regulations which limit access to fingerprint archives to only authorized employees of our company safeguarding sensitive data.

Simply allow us to scan your fingerprints and capture your demographic data once and you will never have to do it again. Give us a call or email requesting cards and we will Fedex as many as your need the next day.

All fingerprint files on the NYFingerprint server are stored in a secure, encrypted server.

This server is protected by multiple levels of physical security, including a dedicated, temperature-controlled, locked room with 24/7 alarm monitoring. Your precious data is NEVER stored on someone else's web server or cloud server and our server and server room are not shared with thousands of other companies - it is ours and ours alone.

Our firewall is a dedicated, stand-alone piece of equipment that is built for one specific purpose - to keep your data secure, and is a far more robust method of protecting your data than a firewall that is built in to a server, since thousands of programs or malware that could compromise a server would also compromise the built-in firewall. Our firewall is designed so that cannot run any programs at all.

Our server also contains multiple levels of redundancy to keep your data safe, and is backed up regularly to physical media that is taken to an equally secure off-site facility that is not shared with any other companies.